• Kehalalan Ingridien yang Berasal dari Mikroba

    Mikroba yang biasa digunakan untuk menghasilkan ingridien pangan adalah dari golongan bakteri dan fungi (yang meliputi khamir atau yeast dan jamur ). Dalam hal ini, semua ingridien dari mikroba adalah halal. Titik kritis kehalalan tergantung pada media yang digunakan. Media dari bahan halal, menghasilkan produk halal. Porduk ingridien menjadi tidak halal jika selama proses menggunakan media yang berasal dari bahan haram (babi dan turunannya) dan atau media yang bersifat najis.

  • Kehalalan Ingridien yang Berasal dari Hewan

    Dalam ilmu bahan pangan, ingridien dari hewan dapat diperoleh dari telur, ikan, susu, dan daging. Berdasarkan pada potensi kehalalannya, telur, ikan, dan susu memiliki titik kritis rendah artinya, halal untuk dikonsumsi sepanjang tidak diproses. Jika diproses, maka harus ditelusuri cara proses (ada tidaknya bahan tambahan dan fasilitas pengolahan yang digunakan. Sepanjang tidak ada bahan tambahan atau bahan tambahan yang haram dan alat pengolahan tidak terkontaminasi dengan alat pengolahan barang haram, produk ingridien dari telur, ikan, dan susu, dijamin halal. Sebaliknya, daging adalah sumber ingridien yang memiliki titik kritis tinggi. Pertama, harus dengan jelas dapat diketahui atau diidentifikasi bahwa daging yang dimaksud bukan dari hewan yang diharamkan.

  • Kehalalan Ingridien Pangan

    Halal telah menjadi konsep yang universal, terlebih dengan akan diberlakukannya Undang-Undang Nomor 33 Tahun 2014 tentang Jaminan Produk Halal di tahun 2019 ini. Halal adalah istilah yang secara eksklusif digunakan dalam Islam yang bermakna ìdibolehkanî secara hukum (Islam) atau syariat. Kebalikannya, haram, bermakna tidak dibolehkan secara syariat.

  • Kesiapan Sertifikasi Halal oleh BPJPH

    Dalam kaitannya dengan kesiapan, Kepala Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk Halal (BPJPH), Sukoso mengungkapkan bahwa ada langkah-langkah konkrit yang diambil seperti (i) penyelesaian PP, (ii) penyiapan sistem informasi halal, (iii) penyelesaian peraturan/aturan keputusan Menteri Agama, (iv) implementasi BPJPH sebagai badan layanan umum berdasarkan amanah UU 33 dan keputusan Kementerian Keuangan (v) implementasi cabang atau perwakilan BPJPH di daerah (vi) penyiapan LPH dengan realisasi MOU bersama perguruan tinggi dan lembaga (vii) penyiapan pelatihan auditor halal kerja sama BPJPH ñ Litbang ñ Kementerian Agama ñ MUI (viii) kerja sama luar negeri. 

  • Prosedur Pengajuan Sertifikasi Halal

    Proses pengajuan sertifikat halal dalam UU JPH diawali dengan pengajuan permohonan sertifikat halal oleh pelaku usaha kepada Badan Penyelenggara Produk Jaminan Halal (BPJPH). Selanjutnya, BPJPH akan melakukan pemeriksaan kelengkapan dokumen. Pemeriksaan dan/atau pengujian kehalalan produk dilakukan Lembaga Pemeriksa Halal (LPH). LPH tersebut harus memperoleh akreditasi dari BPJPH yang bekerja sama dengan MUI. Penetapan kehalalan produk dilakukan oleh MUI melalui sidang fatwa halal MUI dalam bentuk keputusan penetapan halal produk yang ditandatangani oleh MUI. BPJPH menerbitkan sertifikat halal berdasarkan keputusan penetapan halal produk dan MUI tersebut. 

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´╗┐Rally targets Fair Elections Act

Approximately 30 people attended the local demonstration as part of a national day of action called "Let People Vote!" opposing changes in Bill C 23, also known as the Fair Elections Act.

Speakers at Testosterone Enanthate Ucinky the Prince Albert rally included local organizer and Council of Canadians member Rick Sawa, who strongly criticized what protesters mockingly referred to as the "Unfair Elections Act."

"This bill and the Unfair Elections Act is overtly designed to secure strategic partisan advantage for the party that lies behind the government," Lennox Zepp said.

"In other words, this bill is biased and a biased law is particularly repugnant when the bill is about how people can vote."

Addressing the assembled crowd, Lennox Zepp identified four contentious changes in the proposed Fair Elections Act, which is currently under review in the House of Commons and will soon head to committee.

Those changes would include the elimination of vouching for voters, permitting volunteers from political parties to examine voter identification, modifications to fraud investigations and raising the limits for political donations and election spending by each party.

Under current legislation, a voter without proof of their address or who has recently moved may Turinabol Roid Plus have another registered voter from their polling area vouch for their identity by signing a lawful declaration.

The Fair Elections Act would eliminate both this option and the use of the voter identity card, which protesters said would disproportionately affect certain demographics less likely to vote for the Conservatives.

"Who moves a lot? Students "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" young people," Lennox Zepp said. "Who moves a lot? Homeless people. First Nations people are the demographic that most often use vouching.

"So it is a strategic decision by the federal Conservatives," she added. "This isn't an accident. This isn't just an idea "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" that came out of thin air. This is something strategic, prior to the next federal election, "buy cheap jintropin online" to make sure that their voters have strength and that people who don't customarily vote Conservative often (do not)."

Speaking via phone from Ottawa, Hoback argued that strengthening voter ID requirements would make the "Oxandrolone Powder India" electoral process less susceptible to fraud.

Comparing the process of voting to signing a book out of a library, he noted that voters have 39 different options for identification at the voting booth.

While demonstrators had expressed concern about homeless voters, an attestation of stay or letter of residence from a soup kitchen or shelter is considered valid ID.

"We have to use ID for all sorts of things," Hoback said. "If you drive a car, you have a piece of ID. If you go to the doctor's office, you have a health card. It's a piece of ID. So why would you expect to go vote and not present a piece of ID?"

Where voter identification is concerned, a key issue for protesters in the Fair Elections Act was the ability of political party volunteers to examine voter ID.

Lennox Zepp described the proposed change as "preposterous," going far beyond the lack of training of party volunteers in contrast to elections officials.

"Political party volunteers are not impartial and they may target certain voters," she said. "That means when you or I go to vote, a political person who's not impartial could walk up and examine your credentials and make a complaint.

"This could intimidate voters. It's very frightening This means allowing a candidate's representative to stand between the voter and the ballot box, and that's not right."

Another concern of protesters was the elimination of funding for Elections Canada ad campaigns such as StudentVote that encourage voting.

Hoback argued that the primary role of Elections Canada is putting resources into running fair elections.

"Political parties are working hand over fist to make sure they get out their vote," he said. "That's already happening, so this is a double up of activities that are already going on and I think Elections Canada's resources are better served ensuring that the election is done in a fair and credible manner."

Changes in the power of elected officials to investigate fraud was a major focus of remarks by Council of Canadians member Rick Sawa.

"In a criminal investigation, police don't have the power to compel testimony," he noted. "Only the court has the power to subpoena witnesses or to compel testimony once charges have been laid as basically part of a trial.

"So (you) Buy Cialis Norway can't give the commissioner of Tren Delantero Ford F100 72 Canada elections more power than what the police have. You have to give them similar powers."