• Kehalalan Ingridien yang Berasal dari Mikroba

    Mikroba yang biasa digunakan untuk menghasilkan ingridien pangan adalah dari golongan bakteri dan fungi (yang meliputi khamir atau yeast dan jamur ). Dalam hal ini, semua ingridien dari mikroba adalah halal. Titik kritis kehalalan tergantung pada media yang digunakan. Media dari bahan halal, menghasilkan produk halal. Porduk ingridien menjadi tidak halal jika selama proses menggunakan media yang berasal dari bahan haram (babi dan turunannya) dan atau media yang bersifat najis.

  • Kehalalan Ingridien yang Berasal dari Hewan

    Dalam ilmu bahan pangan, ingridien dari hewan dapat diperoleh dari telur, ikan, susu, dan daging. Berdasarkan pada potensi kehalalannya, telur, ikan, dan susu memiliki titik kritis rendah artinya, halal untuk dikonsumsi sepanjang tidak diproses. Jika diproses, maka harus ditelusuri cara proses (ada tidaknya bahan tambahan dan fasilitas pengolahan yang digunakan. Sepanjang tidak ada bahan tambahan atau bahan tambahan yang haram dan alat pengolahan tidak terkontaminasi dengan alat pengolahan barang haram, produk ingridien dari telur, ikan, dan susu, dijamin halal. Sebaliknya, daging adalah sumber ingridien yang memiliki titik kritis tinggi. Pertama, harus dengan jelas dapat diketahui atau diidentifikasi bahwa daging yang dimaksud bukan dari hewan yang diharamkan.

  • Kehalalan Ingridien Pangan

    Halal telah menjadi konsep yang universal, terlebih dengan akan diberlakukannya Undang-Undang Nomor 33 Tahun 2014 tentang Jaminan Produk Halal di tahun 2019 ini. Halal adalah istilah yang secara eksklusif digunakan dalam Islam yang bermakna ìdibolehkanî secara hukum (Islam) atau syariat. Kebalikannya, haram, bermakna tidak dibolehkan secara syariat.

  • Kesiapan Sertifikasi Halal oleh BPJPH

    Dalam kaitannya dengan kesiapan, Kepala Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk Halal (BPJPH), Sukoso mengungkapkan bahwa ada langkah-langkah konkrit yang diambil seperti (i) penyelesaian PP, (ii) penyiapan sistem informasi halal, (iii) penyelesaian peraturan/aturan keputusan Menteri Agama, (iv) implementasi BPJPH sebagai badan layanan umum berdasarkan amanah UU 33 dan keputusan Kementerian Keuangan (v) implementasi cabang atau perwakilan BPJPH di daerah (vi) penyiapan LPH dengan realisasi MOU bersama perguruan tinggi dan lembaga (vii) penyiapan pelatihan auditor halal kerja sama BPJPH ñ Litbang ñ Kementerian Agama ñ MUI (viii) kerja sama luar negeri. 

  • Prosedur Pengajuan Sertifikasi Halal

    Proses pengajuan sertifikat halal dalam UU JPH diawali dengan pengajuan permohonan sertifikat halal oleh pelaku usaha kepada Badan Penyelenggara Produk Jaminan Halal (BPJPH). Selanjutnya, BPJPH akan melakukan pemeriksaan kelengkapan dokumen. Pemeriksaan dan/atau pengujian kehalalan produk dilakukan Lembaga Pemeriksa Halal (LPH). LPH tersebut harus memperoleh akreditasi dari BPJPH yang bekerja sama dengan MUI. Penetapan kehalalan produk dilakukan oleh MUI melalui sidang fatwa halal MUI dalam bentuk keputusan penetapan halal produk yang ditandatangani oleh MUI. BPJPH menerbitkan sertifikat halal berdasarkan keputusan penetapan halal produk dan MUI tersebut. 

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Poll shows Islanders not fully grasping lobster price issues

During a summary of the group's strategic plan and 2014 update, executive director Ian MacPherson said one of the PEIFA's goals for this year is to develop a strategy on engaging the public in issues relating to the industry.

A poll conducted in 2013 by a private company for the PEIFA saw 20 per cent of respondents say they believed that lobster prices remained the same during the past five years.

"They (the public) know there are questions about price and prices being lowered but they really don't fully understand it," said MacPherson, adding that altogether about 70 per cent of Islanders polled had little understanding of the direction of prices in the past five years. "Obviously there is some work to do there."

Last year's $3 a pound landing prices sparked a solidarity strike from fishermen around the Maritimes during the first two weeks of the season.

While that strike caved in by mid May, fishermen haven't forgotten about the low prices.

The issue was also a big part of the convention Friday, with members calling for a vote on whether to tie up boats again this year.

The poll, which saw 300 participants share their perception of the industry, also saw more than half of those polled state they believed fishermen receive the same amount, or more, of government support as the provincial agriculture "Anadrol 50" and tourism industries.

That is not the case, said MacPherson.

"There are very Sustanon 250 Magnus good programs out there but we need to correct some of the perceptions that are also out there," he said.

Part of that strategy involves a new association website, which MacPherson said is in the stage of being "fine tuned."

"We need to tell our story we need to make it resonate with the "Anadrol 50" consumer out there," said MacPherson, who also used numbers from Statistics Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and provincial government in his presentation. "At the end of the day, the more positive Buy Kamagra public perception we have helps us with a lot of the things we do if we're advocating for funding, for programs or whatever it's really important to have the public behind us."

There were also some positive numbers from the poll, said MacPherson.

That included 74 per cent saying they personally know a fisherman. "They (the public) just tended to undervalue how much we contribute to the (provincial) economy."

Boo Who, I am 40 years old with 4 children. I was having trouble paying my bills, so I quit my job after 10 years and went back to college for 3 years, I had to borrow the money to go back to school but in the long run it will pay out for my family. My wife and I drive 10 year old cars and have never taken our children to Florida. How many Fisherman can say Winstrol Tablets Price that. I know a lot of fisherman who drive new 40 thousand dollar trucks and buy 500 dollar hockey sticks for their kids, did I mention Andrews Hockey Growth Programs school. Stop living in a dream world and stop blaming everyone else for your problems, Fisherman go on like its hard work , give me a break , they are their own bosses, Its real hard to work for yourself, I have fished lobster before the biggest problem for the day is what kind of beer should we buy and how much, Man up, get a backbone and a real job.

I do feel for the fishermen the last few years with low prices and high fuel costs. But man you have to take a look at yourselves and "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" say when will the public have enough because it's been about 30 years now of always needing more. We all have our chosen professions Testosterone Enanthate Vs Trenbolone Acetate and have our issues, but we aren't in the papers complaining every year about something . Do you think it's easy working year round to pay your bills while paying income tax with no tax break, no pay raises, paying top EI fees with no chance of return and then reading about some other group of people wanting a bigger cut of the pie? I agree you do have a PR problem

Don't get the same level of support that other Beställa Kamagra Billigt industries do?!?!? Aren't fisherman allowed to claim fuel on their taxes? Aren't they allowed to claim their truck, tractor, etc on their taxes? Farmers, tourist operators and any other business owners aren't allowed to collect EI if their business is shutdown but fishermen are. The PEIFA has so bungled this file, it's no wonder Islanders are confused. You and McGheoghan have made so many silly statements it is to laugh. BTW, $3.00 a pound is the price for canners, not including the markets, so your aggregate price is more than $3.00 a pound.