• Kehalalan Ingridien yang Berasal dari Mikroba

    Mikroba yang biasa digunakan untuk menghasilkan ingridien pangan adalah dari golongan bakteri dan fungi (yang meliputi khamir atau yeast dan jamur ). Dalam hal ini, semua ingridien dari mikroba adalah halal. Titik kritis kehalalan tergantung pada media yang digunakan. Media dari bahan halal, menghasilkan produk halal. Porduk ingridien menjadi tidak halal jika selama proses menggunakan media yang berasal dari bahan haram (babi dan turunannya) dan atau media yang bersifat najis.

  • Kehalalan Ingridien yang Berasal dari Hewan

    Dalam ilmu bahan pangan, ingridien dari hewan dapat diperoleh dari telur, ikan, susu, dan daging. Berdasarkan pada potensi kehalalannya, telur, ikan, dan susu memiliki titik kritis rendah artinya, halal untuk dikonsumsi sepanjang tidak diproses. Jika diproses, maka harus ditelusuri cara proses (ada tidaknya bahan tambahan dan fasilitas pengolahan yang digunakan. Sepanjang tidak ada bahan tambahan atau bahan tambahan yang haram dan alat pengolahan tidak terkontaminasi dengan alat pengolahan barang haram, produk ingridien dari telur, ikan, dan susu, dijamin halal. Sebaliknya, daging adalah sumber ingridien yang memiliki titik kritis tinggi. Pertama, harus dengan jelas dapat diketahui atau diidentifikasi bahwa daging yang dimaksud bukan dari hewan yang diharamkan.

  • Kehalalan Ingridien Pangan

    Halal telah menjadi konsep yang universal, terlebih dengan akan diberlakukannya Undang-Undang Nomor 33 Tahun 2014 tentang Jaminan Produk Halal di tahun 2019 ini. Halal adalah istilah yang secara eksklusif digunakan dalam Islam yang bermakna ìdibolehkanî secara hukum (Islam) atau syariat. Kebalikannya, haram, bermakna tidak dibolehkan secara syariat.

  • Kesiapan Sertifikasi Halal oleh BPJPH

    Dalam kaitannya dengan kesiapan, Kepala Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk Halal (BPJPH), Sukoso mengungkapkan bahwa ada langkah-langkah konkrit yang diambil seperti (i) penyelesaian PP, (ii) penyiapan sistem informasi halal, (iii) penyelesaian peraturan/aturan keputusan Menteri Agama, (iv) implementasi BPJPH sebagai badan layanan umum berdasarkan amanah UU 33 dan keputusan Kementerian Keuangan (v) implementasi cabang atau perwakilan BPJPH di daerah (vi) penyiapan LPH dengan realisasi MOU bersama perguruan tinggi dan lembaga (vii) penyiapan pelatihan auditor halal kerja sama BPJPH ñ Litbang ñ Kementerian Agama ñ MUI (viii) kerja sama luar negeri. 

  • Prosedur Pengajuan Sertifikasi Halal

    Proses pengajuan sertifikat halal dalam UU JPH diawali dengan pengajuan permohonan sertifikat halal oleh pelaku usaha kepada Badan Penyelenggara Produk Jaminan Halal (BPJPH). Selanjutnya, BPJPH akan melakukan pemeriksaan kelengkapan dokumen. Pemeriksaan dan/atau pengujian kehalalan produk dilakukan Lembaga Pemeriksa Halal (LPH). LPH tersebut harus memperoleh akreditasi dari BPJPH yang bekerja sama dengan MUI. Penetapan kehalalan produk dilakukan oleh MUI melalui sidang fatwa halal MUI dalam bentuk keputusan penetapan halal produk yang ditandatangani oleh MUI. BPJPH menerbitkan sertifikat halal berdasarkan keputusan penetapan halal produk dan MUI tersebut. 

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Roots gospel trio headed to Prince Albert

That's the message singer , a founding member of roots gospel trio The Sojourners, had for Prince Albert residents as his group prepares for its upcoming performance in the city.

"We're not evangelists, we're not preachers. They don't have to fear that we're going to come out with 10 pound Bibles and start preaching at them," Mosely said with a chuckle. Rawlinson Centre on Tuesday, Oct.

For Mosely, who was born in Texas and grew up in California, gospel music has both a spiritual and social significance.

"I grew up sort of in a traditional sort of Christian community," he said. "I'm not what you would call a traditional Christian and "Oxandrolone Powder India" I'm very accepting Tren Delantero Ford F100 72 of all beliefs and so on, so I don't have a dogmatic aspect to my sense of faith. But gospel music connects me to that.

"It also has a deep significance to me because I was born in the early '50s Being born in Texas, I lived through a lot of the Jim Crow, the segregation and that whole scene in the South and lived through the civil rights era in the mid '60s, when people were marching in the streets and having dogs sicced on them and firemen with hoses pushing children down the street to break up protests."

In the midst of such struggle, he said, gospel songs helped Buy Cheap Jintropin Online keep people connected and to maintain their belief in ultimate victory.

The fight for social justice "Oxandrolone Powder India" is a theme The Sojourners have chosen to emphasize on their upcoming third album, Sing and Never Get Tired.

Their first record with McClelland (who replaced founding member Ron Small due to health reasons), the album marks a shift towards more socially conscious material and includes classic anthems such as I Shall Be Released and For What It's Worth.

"I was very much a part of that protest era and Turinabol Risks the whole sort of peace movement and that back in the 60s, and I'm particularly very happy and excited that that's coming back around again that people are starting to take their protests to the streets," Mosely said, noting that the group hopes to inspire people and speak to that energy with their new CD.

Music as an escape from social ills was instrumental in Mosely's chosen career path.

His mother, in the words of the group's website, "always had a song on her lips," whether singing with her congregation at church or working menial jobs in Texas.

"You could always hear her humming a tune or singing very softly, singing a gospel tune," he recalled. "It was sort of her way of keeping herself connected and strong, regardless as to what was going on around her.

We have something for everybody."When you're black and living in pre civil rights Southern America, it can be very dangerous to say the least. You always were being confronted with people 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron who didn't like you or wanted to ruin your day or to harm you.

"So you find ways to Turinabol Roid Plus survive, ways to keep your spirit up, keep your "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" energy, keep your sense of self and that was what she did, and I watched that and I learned from that and that inspired me to do the same thing to use music as my means of connecting to my core."

Prior to forming The Sojourners, Mosely sang around the world during 10 years of service as a missionary and starred in various stage productions, eventually moving to Vancouver just before Expo '86.

Meanwhile, fellow founding member Sanders had an impressive list of musical theatre credits to his name and had served for several years as the frontman for an R band.

The pair first met more than 25 years ago, when blues musician Jim Byrnes invited them to perform background vocals at one of his shows. Later they formed a gospel group called Circle of Voices with other migr American vocalists.

The formation of The Sojourners in a sense represented the group coming full circle, as Byrnes asked Mosely whether he could find two other singers to perform background vocals on his 2006 album House of Refuge.

"I called Will and I called Ron Small and we went in and it worked so well, it was such a great fit, that we ended up forming The Sojourners," Mosely said. "In fact, (Byrnes) gave us our name."

When Byrnes decided to take the group on tour, producer Steve Dawson suggested they should record an album, which became The Sojourners' debut Hold On.

Since then, the group has continued to enjoy success with touring and subsequent albums, picking up Juno nominations and a Western Canadian Music Award.

Speaking to Prince Albert audiences, Mosely promised a fun, high energy performance.

"For those who are not really into the whole Christian thing, they can be relaxed and know that the music will be something that they can enjoy," he said.

"Those people who are from the community of faith can come and enjoy it as well, because there'll be many songs that they know and that they can connect with us as well. We have something for everybody."